Welcome to the virtual exhibition of the JapaneseArt.org website.

Being a portal dedicated to ancient Japanese Art, we considered it fundamental to reveal the different aspects of Japanese Art to a large audience, and also to satisfy the curiosity and interest of true connoisseurs.

To attain this dual objective, the objects that you will see have been chosen for their excellent quality, their rarity, as well as their originality. They illustrate 8 main themes of Japanese Art :
Art of the Samurai, metalwork, netsuke, sagemono, lacquer, painting, ceramic, and finally sculpture. 

The 70 objects on display, come from important private collections. We extend our gratitude to the owners of these collections for the trust they have accorded us. This exhibition would not have been possible without their assistance.

The works shown obey the rules of the French Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle. All rights reserved to the owners of the pictured works. No reproduction, diffusion or communication of any kind is authorised without their written consent. Counterfeiting will be punished.